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We at STH are confident that our wide range of quality products is able to assist planters, agriculture and livestock farmers of any size.
A healthy farm in turn returns better yield.

Crop Protection Solution
Efficient crop protection products are crucial to improving crop yields throughout the entire stage of a plant. We have the necessary products to protect all crops from weed, plant diseases, and insect or pest infestation. Suitable application of insecticide, fungicide, herbicide & rodencide will ensure the plants health and reducing yield loss.

To avoid unnecessry pest management cost that will hamper crop yields, please contact us for a suitable crop protection strategy.

Plantation & Farm Tools
To ensure efficient plant management & crop yield we also offer to the market a range of tools/ aid to assist planters with planting, harvesting, and crop testing throughout all stages of a plant.

Tools ranging from industrial vet injection system, knack sack sprayers, soil PH tester, latex O-meter, poly bag, and many others.

Please contact us should you have any enquiry.



Like humans, plants require nutrients to ensure healthy growth.
Plant nutrients can be lost from crop harvesting, poor soil condition, pest/ insect damages or plant diseases. Natural or artificial fertilizers with chemical elements can be used to restore nutrients lost to assist in improved growth and productiveness of plants, hence improving yield.

We carry a wide range of quality imported and locally manufactured blend of both organic and inorganic fertilisers. Below are some lists of fertilizer:

  1. NPK Compound Fertilizer
  2. NPK Granule Fertilizer
  3. Straight fertilizer
  4. Flowering Inducer
  5. Amino Acid Organic Fertilizer
  6. Goat Manure Organic Fertilizer
  7. Chicken Manure Organic Fertilizer
  8. TCP
  1. CIRP
  2. Rock Phosphate Fertilizer
  3. Urea Fertilizer
  4. Boron TE
  5. Liquid Foliar Fertilizer
  6. Powder Fertilizer
  7. Lawn Fertilizer
  8. Sulphur

We also supply animal feed! For enquiries please contact us.


Public Health

Today in our world we have been constantly surrounded by new of new species of viruses and diseases that potentially could to lead to deadly outbreaks.

Very frequent deadly diseases are carried and spread by household pest and we are living amongst them without realising since they are nocturnal creatures.

Rat, household flies and cockroach is the most common pest and if left untreated with infestation can seriously endanger a human’s life bring upon diseases.
Aedes mosquitoes too are well known for spreading the deadly disease of dengue fever that has lead to many deaths yearly.

STH wish to educate the public of this health risk. Together with knowledge and know how we believe we can achieve public health for all.
We have the knowledge to ensure the most effective mode and product of pest elimination is recommended to our customers.

Our products are suitable for large government pest elimination projects, professional pest control management, corporate or industrial application or even self-DIY household solution.

Our list of products also extends to the control of the following pest:

  1. Ants
  2. Termites
  3. Cockroaches
  4. Mosquitoes
  5. Household fly
  6. Fruit fly
  1. Bed bugs
  2. Fleas
  3. Silverfish
  4. Snail
  5. Rats
  6. Other General Pests

Garden Care

STH retails a wide range of garden supplies such as garden & farm tools, fertilizer and garden grade plant protection (insecticide, fungicide and herbicide).

Specially formulated and repackaged for small house hold users. Our products are designed to cater to the mass household gardens, nurseries, golf courses, property building management and service industries.

Types of products that are made available at our retails store in Kuala Lumpur:

  1. Household Garden Fertilizer
  2. Lawn Fertilizer
  3. Potting mix soil
  4. Tree Root Powder
  5. Household Garden Insecticide
  6. Household Garden Fungicide
  7. Household Herbicide
  8. Household Weedicide
  9. Household Rodenticide
  10. Pressure & Handheld Sprayers
  11. Gloves, Masks, Goggles
  12. Poly Planting Bag


  1. Seedling Tray
  2. Vegetable Seeds
  3. Pruner
  4. Cutter
  5. Lopper
  6. Shades & shovel
  7. Hoe & Mattock
  8. Rake
  9. Saw
  10. Hedge Shear
  11. Wheelbarrow
  12. Soil Tester devices
  13. Planting Bag & tray


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